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The Weekly InSalt

Aug 30, 2023

In this week's episode, we talk about what's been happening locally and with the podcast itself. Join us as we discuss road trips, the Utah Beer Festival, and how what's going on at McDonalds in Virgina tops any of Wade's McDonalds stories. Laura faces her fear of suspension bridges, and Curt loves the new...

Aug 23, 2023

This episode we're excited to be talking about the Humane Society of Utah, with two of the best people to speak to it. Guinn, the Director of Marketing and Communications, and Amber, the Admissions and Pet Resources Senior Manager. Tune in to hear about all of the services the Humane Society offers, it's not just...

Aug 16, 2023

This week, Jeff Draper from the American Forked podcast returns to the show. Curt puts forth a challenge to all listeners, and we thoroughly discuss camping logistics, podcasting, bodily functions, and the concept of acceptability.

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Aug 9, 2023

In this week's episode, Nicki Sanders is on the show discussing what it's like being a female in the technology industry and overcoming stereotypes. From dealing with inequality in the workplace to finding her niche and thriving, she explains how she dealt with her experiences and how confidence can make a...

Aug 2, 2023

This week we welcome Nicole Ristau. Get ready to be inspired by her remarkable journey as she opens up about her childhood experiences, challenging moments, and the transformative experience of hitting rock bottom. Through her story, Nicole empowers all of us to make a positive change and do our best to be better...