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The Weekly InSalt

Mar 29, 2023

We here at The WeeklyInSalt love to meet amazing new people and Treesus and Chris join us this week to teach us, and educate you about the world of arbor science, the art of tree trimming, and the bio-connection of how we are saplings intertwined through the energy of life. Tune in for some fun conspiracy theories.

Mar 22, 2023

On today’s episode, we highlight one of Midvale City’s rarest features. The Pearl on Main is owned by Peyton Wunderli and managed by Taylor Dunn. They both join us to discuss the 93 year old theater located  on Midvale’s Historic Main Street, its history, and its future. We also talk about Midvale City,...

Mar 15, 2023

Malone Peters is a cybersecurity expert and helps explains how dangerous the internet is and why we need to protect ourselves from the technology that provides the conveniences we might take for granted. She is also an avid gamer and talks about what it's like to be in the life of a Level 8 Bloodhunter.


Mar 8, 2023

This is an "All you can eat" episode with one of our best yet, Jackie Anderson joins us this week to talk about the fantastic world of Reiki, Tarot card readings, stones and gems.  We discuss all things in the cards with Jackie performing Wades first reading.  Listen in with special guest host Laura Coppola to find out...

Mar 1, 2023

Jim joins the crew this week to nerd out on TV and cinema. Jim is an accomplished actor, director, writer and has worked with some of Hollywood's biggest names. He shares some excellent stories about making movies, commercials and one of TV's most popular shows.

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