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The Weekly InSalt

Jan 30, 2019

There's no guest this week so the boys have the entire hour to talk about whatever they want. Topics include a special announcement, Tales From the Crypt, CD paints his toenails, kids eating Tide Pods and more!

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Jan 23, 2019

This episode Megan Cross joins the crew to discuss a host of topics. We'll get in to things like: football, why Chez is called Chez, eating too much guava, voicemail, artwork and much more.

Megan's Instagram: @cross_dot_ink

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Jan 16, 2019

This week Chris Applegate and Chris Tisdale join the show to discuss football, gun laws, YouTube, podcasting, hunting and much more! If you're interested in learning more about what Chris and Chris do, check out the link below:


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Jan 9, 2019

This week we welcome Marshall Man to the show. He helps us dive right in to the NFL playoffs, figuring out the LeBron James of breakfast, spoiling Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (18:00 ~ 30:00), the difference between hemispheres and more than we can write here.

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Jan 2, 2019

A long time listener and super good friend of the show Chelsea Staker joins us this week. We discuss accents and learn the proper pronunciation of the work egg. We also get in to talk about working at Kmart, personal goals, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, bleeding veggie burgers, bone broth and more!

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