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The Weekly InSalt

May 30, 2018

This week we again dip our toes in to the conspiracy pool, it was warm and inviting. We have a food challenge idea and leave it up to you guys to determine what that is on our Facebook page. Don't forget to see if you can find one of us this Sunday at Salt Lake Cities Pride Festival!

May 23, 2018

This week Messin' With Mormons gets a visit from San Diego based professional poker player Pete "Pacman" Lawson.  We talk about poker, put on our tinfoil hats and talk about conspiracies.

May 16, 2018

This week we take your ears on a journey from haters to Fisher Price record players. There's also discussion about food, name mispronunciation, robots, beer, and more! Yes, CD does get awkward and yes we do talk about Giraffes.

May 9, 2018

This week we try out a couple local beers, made some improvements to the studio, CD quit smoking, and we talk about the most amazing food we ate this past week. Want to get involved with the show? Leave us a voicemail to be played on air at 801-252-6096!

May 2, 2018

During this episode we welcome Bobby Johnson, Megan Golden, Ryann Race of "Think it's Easy", a local YouTube sensation! We show them the podcast experience and in return we get the YouTube experience. Also, CD pukes during the food segment and we dive in to everything from cosplay to current events. Interested in a...